Supported image types

Understand the supported image types.

When uploading images for your products, ensuring they are in the correct format for optimal display and compatibility is crucial. Global Commerce supports a variety of image file types to accommodate your needs. Below, we outline the supported formats and any specific requirements or recommendations to help you prepare your images for upload.

Defining a file

To define a file for import, specify the file attribute using the format file:<fileID>. Here's how you can do it:

"productImage1": "file:00fb210-12345678"

In this example, Global Commerce will import the file with ID 00fb210-12345678 into the default folder for product detail images.

Creating subfolders

When defining a file for import, use the file: prefix followed by the desired subfolder path and the file ID to create subfolders. You can structure this in JSON format as follows:

"thumbnailImage2": "file:folderA/folderB/00fb210-12345678"

In the example above, Global Commerce will automatically create the subfolders folderA and folderB within the designated folder for thumbnail images. The file with ID 00fb210-12345678 will be imported into these subfolders.


  • It's optional to start the subfolder path with a /. Both file:abc and file:/abc are valid and treated equally.

  • Using multiple slashes (/) in succession, such as file:////abc////def, will be interpreted as a single / between folder names, resulting in file:abc/def.

Error codes related to file types have the prefix 'attribute_external_file'. Refer to Error codes for Admin APIs for more details.

Image type attributes

When uploading images to Global Commerce, it is essential to follow specific guidelines to ensure compatibility. Here are the key attributes related to image types:

  • Supported image types: The platform accepts images in the following formats:

    • JPG

    • JPEG

    • GIF

    • BMP

    • WEBP

    Note: The file extension should accurately reflect the image type.

  • File naming: The name of the file (excluding its extension) and its folder path should not contain special characters, including but not limited to: ! \ < > / | ? * : ' " . ( ) & ^ ~ # % { } , @ + = ; [ ] as well as spaces, tabs \t, and line breaks (\r \n \f).

These attributes are crucial for managing images related to:

  • Product details images

  • Product thumbnail images

  • Custom attributes with image types

Adhering to these guidelines ensures smooth operation within the Global Commerce platform and prevents image uploading and processing issues.

File type attributes

When managing files within the Global Commerce platform, it is important to adhere to specific attributes to ensure compatibility and smooth operation.

File naming conventions:

  • File names should not contain special characters such as: | ; , ! @ $ ( ) < > " ' \ ~ { } [ ] = + & ^ %` and also avoid spaces.

General File Management:

  • The file management system does not permit subfolders at the product level.

  • The file management system supports any file type, including .zip files. For .zip files, Global Commerce will inspect all contained files.

  • The file management system prohibits special characters in file names, including: | ; , ! @ $ ( ) < > " ' \ ~ { } [ ] = + & ^ %`, as well as spaces.

  • The file management system supports the software family's Portable Application Description (PAD) file.

These guidelines are particularly relevant to product details images, product thumbnail images, and custom attributes with image types, ensuring their proper management and display within the platform.

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