Learn more about the returns resource.

Returns resource

The following describes some of the key attributes for line item returns.


The return object contains the return information.


The reason provides the reason for the return.


The comments provides any additional information regarding the return.

Accept ELOD

An electronic letter of destruction (ELOD) is the agreement a shopper accepts when they return a digital product. When acceptELOD is true, the customer must complete the ELOD and destroy all copies of the product before they can return the product.

Return line items

The returnLineItems is an array of objects containing the returned line items.

Line item quantity identifiers

The lineItemQuantityIdentifiers is an array of integers.

Line item

The lineItem object contains the line item identifier and product quantity.

  • id: The id is the line item identifier.

  • quantity: The quantity is the number of products.

Returns query parameters

The following describes the query parameters for returns.


Use the expand query parameter when you want additional fields to appear in the response. The expand query parameter provides additional fields in the response. Expanding resources reduces the number of API calls required to accomplish a task. See Expand query parameter for more information and examples.


Use the fields query parameter to specify the fields that appear in the response. Filtering the fields returned in the response can conserve bandwidth and accelerate response time. See the Fields query parameter for more information and examples.


The format overrides the XML default format for the Authorize Shopper API. The valid values are XML and JSON.


The token is the authorized or anonymous token for the shopper.

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