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Update on Apple Pay domain association

In our continuous effort to enhance our services and security, we have updated the apple-developer-merchantid-domain association for Apple Pay. This change is part of our ongoing updates to ensure a seamless and secure payment process for all our users.


  • Current Clients: Rest assured, no action is required from your end. This update does not impact clients who have already registered their domains with Apple Pay. Your services will seamlessly continue to operate without any disruption.

  • New Clients: This update applies to registering domains with Apple Pay. We advise new clients to follow the updated registration process to ensure a smooth integration.


New limit shipping country feature

We're excited to announce new features in our Amazon Pay integration that aim to enhance the checkout experience for you and your customers. With these updates, you can specify shipping preferences directly within the Amazon Pay setup, offering clearer communication and streamlined checkout processes. Below are the details of the newly released features:

  • allowShippingCountries: Specify the countries you want to allow shipping by listing their two-letter country codes. Only addresses associated with these countries will be available as shipping destinations in the Amazon Pay wallet. Note: If a country code appears in both allowShippingCountries and denyShippingCountries, the allow list takes precedence, ensuring the country is available for shipping.

  • denyShippingCountries: List the two-letter country codes of the countries you want to deny shipping. These addresses associated with these countries will not appear as selectable options in the Amazon Pay wallet.

For more detailed information on configuring these new features in your Amazon Pay integration and insights into the broader capabilities of the Amazon Pay element, refer to the Configuring Amazon Pay and Amazon Pay element sections. This resource provides comprehensive guidance on optimizing your checkout experience using the latest features.


Pricing scenarios

With our pricing scenarios, you can determine a pricing strategy for a subscription product combination in Global Commerce. These pricing scenarios explain how price settings affect the subscription renewal price.


Introducing Offer Admin API for creating and deploying an offer!

Big news for our Global Commerce platform users! We're happy to announce the latest addition to our Admin API family – the Offer Admin API!

In this exciting release, you can leverage the brand-new Offer Admin API to create specific offer triggers with offer types. Plus, deploying the created offer is easier than ever, all through the Offer Admin API!

Here's what we support in this initial release:

  • Create an offer for a trigger such as a "Promotional URL" and a discount type such as "Discount," allowing you to tailor your offers to suit your promotional needs precisely.

  • Deploy the offer: Seamlessly deploy your offers with just one call.

Do you want to associate the offer with your offer system? We've got you covered! We also included support for an External Reference Offer ID.

But wait, there's more! Stay tuned for additional Offer Admin API support in future releases.

Enhance your offer management capabilities and stay ahead of the game with the Offer Admin API. Don't miss out – try it today!

Unlock advanced offer management with our new Offer Admin API! πŸš€


Post-order Notification (PON) Integration Guide

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Post-order Notification (PON) Integration Guide. This comprehensive guide is designed to provide developers and businesses with the necessary tools and knowledge to seamlessly integrate post-order notifications into their systems, enhancing the post-purchase experience for customers across the board.

What's New:

  • Detailed Implementation Steps: Step-by-step instructions to guide you through the PON integration process.

  • Event Triggers Explained: An in-depth look into various events that can trigger post-order notifications, ensuring you have the control to customize your customer's journey.

  • Best Practice Recommendations: Insights and recommendations on using PON to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We believe this guide will be invaluable in enabling more engaging and informative communication with your customers post-purchase.


Introducing Inventory Management Webhook Events!

We've got fantastic news for our commerce platform users! We're thrilled to introduce three new webhook events to streamline inventory management.

Now, managing your inventory is even more efficient with these new webhook events:

  • inventory.out_of_stock: Receive instant notifications when your inventory runs out of stock, ensuring you're always aware of stock shortages.

  • inventory.self_managed_updated: Stay informed about any updates made to your self-managed inventory, keeping you in the loop with real-time changes.

  • inventory.fulfiller_managed_updated: Get notified when there are updates to your fulfiller-managed inventory, ensuring seamless coordination with your suppliers.

These new webhook events empower you to stay on top of your inventory levels and respond promptly to changes. Never miss a beat in inventory management – try them out today!

Experience streamlined inventory management with our enhanced webhook events! πŸš€


Exciting news! Managing Personal Identifiable Information (PII) removal became even easier with our Admin API solution!

You could always log the customer's PII removal request from Global Commerce; in our latest enhancement, you can now seamlessly request PII removal for a customer via the API solution using a customer ID (shopper ID) or an order ID to initiate the request. If a user has previously asked to be forgotten, the responses for the following requests will display the PII removal request timestamps.

Simplify your data management – give it a try today!


Good news! Managing Product Combinations just got easier. With our latest enhancement, you can perform bulk actions β€”create, read, update, and remove product combinations using the original Excel or XML BPU function. Simplify your workflow and check it out today! πŸš€


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