Clearpay allows your shoppers to buy what they need and want with the flexibility to pay for their purchases in 3 interest-free payments over 60 days.

This Buy Now, Pay Later option is available through the Afterpay integration and works similarly for shoppers in the UK. Shoppers can pay in 3 interest-free installments over 60 days. It drives incremental sales, increases basket sizes by up to 50%, and attracts up to 40% more new customers.

Contact your Customer Success Manager and sign a Clearpay addendum if you want to use Clearpay.

How to configure

Clearpay is primarily used for purchasing physical goods. It has a review process to assess whether your customers can use it to buy digital goods. If you want to sell digital goods, Clearpay will need the following information to conduct the review: company name, website, and Merchant Classification Code (MCC). The MCC is a code that identifies your sales vertical. Provide this information to your Digital River representative.

How you configure Clearpay depends on whether you're using DigitalRiver.js with Elements or Drop-in payments.

DigitalRiver.js with ElementsDrop-in payments

How it works

Clearpay uses a submit then redirect (STR) payment flow.

Supported markets

For information on supported markets and currencies for Drop-in and DigitalRiver.js, go to:

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