Reducing the subscription renewal quantity

Learn how to reduce the subscription renewal quantity.

Sometimes, businesses need to adjust the quantity of a subscription renewal to meet changing customer requirements or business strategies. The Reduce resource offers a simple method to reduce the renewal quantity of a subscription via a Reduce resource call. This feature ensures that your business remains flexible and responsive to customers' needs by adjusting subscription quantities. Whether due to a change in customer preference or a need for cost optimization, decreasing a subscription's renewal quantity can be a strategic move that saves costs and enhances customer satisfaction. This guide aims to help you reduce the quantity of a subscription product using the Digital River API.

There are several reasons why a customer might want to reduce their subscription quantity:

  • Change in needs: A customer's requirement for a product or service might decrease, making it unnecessary to continue with the original quantity.

  • Budget adjustments: To align with budgetary constraints or financial planning, customers must reduce costs associated with their subscriptions.

  • Utilization analysis: After analyzing the usage of the subscribed product or service, a customer may find that they need to fully use the original quantity and, therefore, decide to reduce it.

  • Business strategy shifts: A shift in business strategy or focus can lead to changes in the resources allocated, necessitating a reduction in subscription quantities.

  • Seasonal or cyclical demand: For businesses with seasonal or cyclical demand, adjusting subscription quantities might be a strategy to optimize operations and costs.

Use the POST /v1/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/reduce request to reduce the subscription renewal quantity for a Digital River API. This method allows you to decrease the quantity of a subscription product. You must provide the {subscriptionId} of the subscription product you want to reduce and the new quantity.

Imagine a customer has two subscriptions and decides to reduce the subscription product to one. The following example illustrates how to decrease a subscription product to a quantity of 1.

curl --location --request POST '{subscriptionId}/reduce' \
--header 'authorization: bearer {Your_Authorization_Token}\
--data-raw '{
  "product" : {
    "id" : "5410723500"
  "quantity" : 1

Replace {Your_Authorization_Token} with your actual authorization token, [Product_ID] with the product ID you want to reduce, and {subscriptionId} with the actual ID of the subscription you're modifying.

This command modifies the subscription by reducing the included product to the specified quantity. For more detailed information and additional parameters, refer to Reduce Subscription Quantity or Addons.

The Reduce resource will immediately update the “current” subscription quantity. However, it will not trigger an automatic refund for the shopper.

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