Update current cart

Update current cart query parameters

You can specify one or more query parameters separated by an ampersand (&) to return a filtered list of carts. The following topics describe the query parameters available for carts/active. For more information on how to use query parameters, see Fields and query parameters.


Use the expand query parameter when you want additional fields to appear in the response. The expand query parameter provides additional fields in the response. Expanding resources reduces the number of API calls required to accomplish a task. See Expand query parameter for more information.

External reference identifier (ERID)

The externalReferenceId is a company's internal identifier for a product.


Use the fields query parameter to specify the fields that appear in the response. Filtering the fields returned in the response can conserve bandwidth and accelerate response time. See Fields query parameter for more information.

Offer identifier

The offerId is the offer's identifier.

Parent line item identifier

The parentLineItemId is the line item identifier of the parent product. While adding a child product to the cart, provide the line item identifier of the parent product along with the offer identifier to specify the child product should be associated with which parent product line item.

Product identifier

A productId is your unique product identifier or unique stock keeping unit (SKU) for a product. A product's unique identifier is represented by an id.

Promotional code

The promoCode is the promotional code the shopper wants to apply to the cart.


The quantity is the number of products added to the cart. The value must be a valid integer. If the quantity is not explicitly specified, the default is 1.

Suppress order confirmation email

A real order uses suppressorderconfirmationemail to suppress the order confirmation email. If you want to use this feature, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Term identifier

The termId is the finance term identifier associated with the cart. You must pass the termId with the productId or externalReferenceId.


The token is the authorized or anonymous token for the shopper.'

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