Company hierarchy

Understand how company hierarchy works.

Your company hierarchy shows the structure of the sites in your company. The following list represents the hierarchy and relationships between a company, its sites, product catalogs, and categories.

  • Company—The highest level of an organization. A company can have one or more sites.

  • Site—An internet address or website. A company can have one or more sites. A site typically has one catalog.

  • Catalog—A collection of products that are organized into categories for a store. A catalog typically has multiple categories.

  • Price List—A site can control the pricing of products in a catalog with a price list. Pricing for a product is available in the resource fields of the Products resource.

  • Category—A category is a class of products in a store. Categories can be nested; that is, they contain a hierarchy of categories. The Commerce API provides access to categories with the Categories resource.

  • Products—A site implements a catalog of products. You can add products to one or more categories. A category typically has multiple products. The Commerce API provides access to products with the Products resource.

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