Log a shopper's request to remove PII

Learn how to log a customer's PII request.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is a subset of personal data that refers to any information used to identify or trace a specific individual. Examples of PII include name, email address, phone number, and driver's license number. A shopper can request the removal of their PII from your company, including the person's full name, address, social security number, driver's license number, passport number, or any other information used to identify them.

Required role: Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Step 1: Search for the customer's order

  1. Sign in to Global Commerce.

  2. Select Customer Service, select Search, and then click Search Orders. The Search Orders page appears.

  1. Select one of the Search By filters to search for an order.

The Search By fields are not case-sensitive.

  1. Complete the fields associated with the Search By filter.

    • Select the Include Test Orders and Include Incomplete Orders checkboxes to include test and incomplete orders in the results.

    • Select the Partial Match or Partial First Name Match checkbox when a name or word has multiple spellings or formats. The system treats any text you enter as partial, not complete entries. For example, If you select the Partial First Name Match checkbox and enter "jo" into the First Name field, the search will find orders placed by any shopper whose name begins with the letters "jo."

    • Selecting the checkbox for Include Incomplete Orders, Partial Match, or Partial First Name Match can result in very slow searches.

    • If prompted, provide a date range to narrow the search.

    • Order List Page: This page appears when you get more than one result that matches the search criteria and shows the matching results. Click a number under the Order Number column to view the order on the Order Summary page.

    • Order Summary page: This page appears when you get a single result and shows the order summary.

Step 2: Log the customer's request to remove PII

  1. There are two ways to log the customer's request to remove PII:

    • Click the Request Removal of Personal Info button on the Order Summary page.

    • Click the Edit button next to the customer's Login ID. When the Shopper Details page appears, click the Request Removal of Personal Info button.

    The Remove Personal Identifiable Information dialog appears.

  1. Click Yes to request the removal of the customer's personal information. The following messages appear, including the date when the system logged the request:

After submitting the PII removal request, the customer will receive an email stating that Customer Service has received and processed the request. The system will log the customer's request to remove their PII and the date when Customer Service logged the request on the Order Summary page or the Shopper Details page in Global Commerce. Note that due to Digital River's legal and business obligations, Digital River will retain personal data for a defined period. Per our data retention policy, Digital River will remove personal data once this period expires.

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