Subscription event types

Understand the event types supported by Digital River.

In Commerce API, understanding and using event types is crucial for building efficient and responsive integrations. Event types follow a straightforward convention: resource.event, which streamlines the development process. These events are essential for tracking various changes and actions, allowing developers to tailor their applications to react in real-time to activities within the commerce environment.

Subscribing to event types lets your application receive notifications about specific occurrences, such as delayed payment reminders, subscription updates, or renewal reminders. This guide will explore the available event types within the Commerce API, providing examples and insights on effectively integrating them into your solutions. Whether setting up a new webhook or managing existing ones, this section will ensure you know how to maximize the events available in the Commerce API.

You can create a webhook, view the details of an existing webhook, and find the latest list of event types supported in Global Commerce.

Understanding the different types of subscription events in the Commerce API can help you effectively manage and respond to changes in your subscription lifecycle. Below is a brief description of each event type:

By integrating these events into your application, you can create a dynamic and responsive subscription management system that adapts in real time to the needs of your subscribers.

Subscription action processed event, subscription cancelled event, subscription created event, subscription credit card expired event, subscription payment failed event, subscription payment information changed event, subscription renewal reminder event, subscription renewed event, subscription updated event, subscription trial converted event, subscription trial renewal reminder event.

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