Learn more about the categories resource.

Categories query parameters

API key

The apiKey is your API key.


Use the currency query parameter when you want to see the currency associated with the category. The currency query parameter takes precedence over the locale.


Use the expand query parameter when you want related information to appear in the response. The expand query parameter provides additional fields in the response. Expanding resources reduces the number of API calls required to accomplish a task. See Expand query parameter for more information.


Use the fields query parameter to specify the fields that appear in the response. Filtering the fields returned in the response can conserve bandwidth and accelerate response time. See Fields query parameter for more information.


Use the locale query parameter when you want to see the locale associated with a category.

Product page size

The productsPageSize query parameter specifies the maximum number of products to include for each category returned in a paginated response. The value must be a positive number greater than zero and less than 100000. The default is 10. This query parameter is only available when getting a category by identifier and all categories for a specific product.


The token is the authorized or anonymous token for the shopper.

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