Delayed payment event types

Understand the delayed payment expired and reminder events.

When managing digital transactions, monitoring and addressing payment processing variations is essential. The Digital River platform defines specific events to capture and act on delayed payment scenarios within this framework. Among these, two critical events, delayed_payment.expired and delayed_payment.reminder, play vital roles in ensuring timely and efficient transaction completion. They enable businesses to keep track of overdue payments or at risk of not being completed within the designated period. Here, we delve into the specifics of these events, including their triggers, implications, and the actions they necessitate.

Delayed payment events in Digital River are notifications regarding the status of a payment that has not been completed on time.

  • Delayed payment expired event: Occurs when a payment has surpassed its final due date without being processed.

  • Delayed payment reminder event: This event is proactive and dispatched before the payment's final due date. This event aims to remind the business and the customer of an upcoming payment yet settled.

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