Turning webhooks on or off

Learn how to turn webhooks on or off.

Managing webhooks is crucial to maintaining the functionality and security of your Global Commerce integrations. This guide will walk you through the steps to turn webhooks on or off, allowing you to control how your application interacts with external services. Whether you're looking to pause webhook activity temporarily or reactivate it to resume operations, these instructions will ensure you can easily adjust your settings through the Webhook Service page.

Webhooks are automated messages sent from apps when something happens. They have a message—or payload—and are sent to a unique URL, essentially functioning as a simple way for apps to communicate and share data in real-time. This makes them an integral tool for extending and customizing the functionality of your Global Commerce integrations, enabling real-time data synchronization and automated workflows between your application and external services.

To turn webhooks on or off:

  1. Sign in to Global Commerce.

  2. Select the Webhook ID you want to turn on or off from the list and click Enable/Disable.

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