Point of promotions (POPs)

Understand how to use POPs.

Offers use a POP to display the offer. A POP determines where an offer appears in an online store. A POP can be an interstitial page, banner or homepage image, pop-up window, and so forth. You can configure the offer's POP when you configure the offer in Global Commerce. Offers retrieved for a cart using the Offers resource must be POP-driven. Providing a POP when getting offers for a shopper or products is now optional. The system automatically applies the following offers to a cart:

  • Certain offers without POPs, such as shipping offers

  • Discounts

  • Bundles.

  • Buy M, Get N

GET /shoppers/me/point-of-promotions/Home_topSeller/offers

You do not need to send additional API calls to get these offers when a shopper adds products to a cart.

The Offers resource returns the configured attributes for an offer. The product offer contains offer-specific information on the product, including the offer-specific price of the product. You can apply both the Offers resource and

To retrieve all available offers for a shopper, product, or cart resource respectively, use the following resources:

  • GET shoppers/me/point-of-promotions/{popName}/offers

  • GET shoppers/me/products/{productId}/point-of-promotions/{popName}/offers

  • GET shoppers/me/carts/active/point-of-promotions/{popName}/offers

The popName and ID originate in Digital River.

The system applies offers to a cart—it does not apply offers to a shopper. The API applies offers to the line items within a cart. Coupon code limits may apply to a shopper if you configure a coupon code offer in Digital River to limit the code to one per shopper.

When you configure multiple offers for a product, the offer that provides the greatest discount (the lowest price) for an order takes precedence. Also, a line item can have an order discount applied with a product discount. For more information on configuring offers and offer precedence, refer to the online help in Global Commerce.

Global Commerce applies shipping offers automatically to products added to a cart when they meet the offer criteria and do not require API calls. Global Commerce also automatically applies discounts, bundles, and "buy x, get y" offers.

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