Learn how Commerce API authenticates requests.

The Shopper APIs authenticates requests using API keys and an OAuth token for authentication. The Admin APIs only require API keys.

OAuth is an open protocol that provides secure authorization for web, mobile, and desktop applications. A third-party application can use the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework to obtain limited access to an HTTP service.

Note: Use the OAuth 2.0 authentication exclusively with the Commerce APIs.

The Commerce API uses the OAuth 2.0 W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standard to authenticate and authorize shoppers and their data. OAuth 2.0 allows you, the developer, to access a shopper's account without requiring shoppers to share their account credentials (username and password).

Consumer-facing applications

Use OAuth to publish and interact with protected data when you are building any of the following consumer-facing applications:

  • Website

  • Desktop

  • Mobile

  • Web page widgets

  • JavaScript

  • Browser-based applications

Service providers

Use OAuth to give users access to their data while protecting their account credentials when:

  • Supporting the web and mobile applications

  • Supporting server-side API mashups

  • Storing protected data on behalf of your users

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