Commerce API release notes for 2023.


We have introduced new features in Global Commerce that allow you to manage product combinations in the cart more efficiently. With the latest update, you can create a single product by combining multiple sellable SKUs (components) and setting the price and configuration of the bundled products per your pricing or product combination strategies.

In addition, we have added the ability to handle the cancellation and return of all components of a product combination together. When enabled, this feature will cancel unfulfilled items while setting fulfilled ones for return, making it easier to manage returns and cancellations.

Furthermore, you can set a Cart Item Limit for a Commerce API environment while configuring Global Commerce site settings. This setting enables you to restrict the number of items per cart, ensuring an optimal order size and improving processing performance.

You now can access your combined product and component details directly from the API payloads. This empowers you to use Commerce APIs to adjust your Product Detail Page, Cart Page, and Return/Refund pages. Some of the supported APIs include, but are not limited to:

The Commerce API Webhook Service is now easier to use. Previously, you could only authenticate the endpoint via OAuth using API configuration. However, now you can manage OAuth authentication effortlessly through Global Commerce!


We added support for recurring payments to Apple Pay.


  • We added a tax_service_invalid_hsCode_warning to Warnings to let you know when your provided HS code is incorrect when creating a product.

  • Digital River implemented a new feature that enhances tax calculation for certain US states by adding ZIP Codes and geocodes support. This feature addresses the specific tax calculation needs of regions that rely on geocodes and ZIP Codes. This enhancement will significantly improve tax calculation accuracy for users in regions where both ZIP Codes and geocodes are essential. This feature is available automatically; there is no need to enable anything. We also added the invalid-postal-code to the list of 409 Conflict codes.


We added support for tax-inclusive landed costs with a pretty price. The tax-inclusive landed cost enhancement ensures that the prices specified by the client for the product price and shipping cost become the final prices for the order. Tax-inclusive landed cost includes the following enhancements:


We added examples for creating a Digital River-hosted and client-hosted shopper and initiating an authenticated session for a Digital River-hosted and client-hosted shopper.


  • Digital River has recently added CCAvenue to its payment method options. CCAvenue is a payment processing option for Digital River clients with an Indian bank account. This auto-settle payment method offers various local payment options in India, such as Credit Cards, Wallet, Net Banking, and UPI.

  • We added Testing the CCAvenue payment method to Testing scenarios.

  • We also added the Payment required columns to the Supported payment methods table.


In Commerce API, we added.


We updated the shopper token information for the OAuth Token in the Shopper APIs reference.


We added the following reasons to the validation-error in 400 Bad Request.

  • The total product quantity for the current subscription plan and midterm change exceeds the product quantity restriction.


We have included a guide on how to handle bulk product uploads asynchronously.


We are excited to announce our new feature, Product Combination Supporting Subscriptions for Global Commerce. This feature allows you to include subscription products in a product combination and adjust the price to match your pricing or product combination strategies. Combining multiple SKUs from different product lines into a single product combination allows you to recognize revenue for each product line based on the component price. This feature also helps you address compliance concerns and minimize revenue loss from customers trying to break bundle offers and purchase products at a reduced price.


With our mixed cart feature, a shopper can create a cart that includes physical and digital products. Our feature uses the landed cost solution to calculate the total cost of your purchase, which is only determined once all items in the cart are deemed eligible. If you need help enabling landed cost and pretty price, don't hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance.


  • We enabled GitBook AI, a semantic search tool, on the Documentation Portal.

    To find GitBook AI, click the Search bar in the upper right corner.

    Type your question in the Ask or search field and click Ask "{{Search content}} using GitBook AI. You can ask GitBook AI anything regarding Digital River features. It will give you plain English answers in seconds. For example, you can ask for an overview of a feature, and GitBook AI will return a quick and concise answer. Note: While semantic search can provide robust answers, sometimes the answers may be wrong. If you think the answer is incorrect, use the regular search to locate information."

    Additionally, GitBook AI will provide follow-up questions that you might be interested in.

    You can also see where GitBook AI found the information and click to read more.

    You can ask for a code snippet for an API.

    You can ask for the steps to perform a specific task.

  • We added Box Shadow as an available custom style when configuring custom styles for DigitalRiver.js with Elements.



Digital River adds Clearpay to the payment method roster! By leveraging Afterpay, your shoppers can buy now and pay for their purchases in 3 interest-free payments over 60 days. Learn how you can add Clearpay here.


Amazon Pay is a global digital wallet paving the way for your brand to gain visibility and access to millions of existing Amazon customers. This payment method boasts a highly secure and seamless checkout experience, leveraging saved shipping and payment information in the shopper's Amazon account. As a result, the shopper can complete their transactions in 3 simple clicks and almost twice as fast as other payment options. Digital River supports Amazon Pay Checkout.

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