Transparent Commerce purchase flow

Understand the Transparent Commerce purchase flow.

Use Transparent Commerce™ to instantly purchase a product on behalf of a customer during an authenticated customer session. This API bypasses calling the Apply Shopper and Submit Cart resources separately and instantly purchases a single product. A typical example of a product purchased via this resource is an auto-renewal, such as a subscription.

The product direct purchase API performs the following actions with one Shopper call:

  1. Adds a product to the cart.

  2. Applies the default customer address to the cart.

  3. Applies the default payment option to the cart.

  4. Submits the cart.

  5. Creates an order.

Prerequisite: The request must be made with a valid full-access token.

Send the POST shoppers/me/products/{productId}/purchase request with the specific product ID for the product the customer wants to purchase.

The following example purchases a product with a product ID of 291233200. The response header contains a Location header, as shown in line 4, to the order created for the transaction. The ID of the order is 1234567890. The request and response bodies are empty.


No further calls are required. If applicable, you can make follow-up calls to get the order by its ID or the order history for the customer.

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