Subscription action processed event

Understand the subscription action processed event.

The subscription.action.processed occurs when a subscription changes, such as activation, email, expiration date, payment option, payment source, perpetual price, immediate quantity change, external reference ID, renewal price, renewal product, renewal quantity, renewal type, and ship-to-address. Requests sent through the High Availability Subscription API trigger this event; changes made through other channels will not activate this event. Additionally, the Webhook Service sends notifications regardless of whether the change succeeds or fails. It provides essential feedback on the success or failure of the requested action, serving as a foundational tool for overseeing subscription action statuses and preserving system integrity. This event also underscores the importance of transparency and real-time updates in maintaining the alignment of subscription services with the needs and expectations of subscribers.

Central to this event is the actionType field, which identifies the specific modification applied to the subscription.

For seamless integration and monitoring of this event, it is advised to ensure correct configuration with the High Availability API and consult with the Digital River Customer Success Manager (CSM) as needed.

This structured event data facilitates a deeper understanding and more efficient management of subscription lifecycle events.

               "displayName":"Monthly auto renewal Subscription",

For more information, see Using subscription.action.processed and subscription.updated topic.

Action type

An actionType refers to a specific action carried out on a subscription within a high-availability subscription system. It is a key component of the process, identifying the nature of the modification or adjustment made to a subscriber's account. Each actionType is associated with a distinct change in the subscription's status, parameters, or configuration. Examples of actionType include ship_to_address, activate, and cancel, each triggering different processes and updates to the subscription details and state. This system ensures that all changes are accurately monitored and allows for efficient subscription management and integrity.


When you activate a shopper's subscription, the subscription state changes from pendingActivation to Subscribed. It also updates the subscription expiration date and all subscription-related data columns.


Canceling a subscription triggers a change in the subscription's state from Subscribed to Cancelled. This action does not immediately close the account but sets the subscription to end after the current billing period. The actionType for this event would be cancel, indicating the specific action taken on the subscription.


You will be notified when you update a shopper's subscription billing or shipping email address. The specific fields for updating these addresses in the system are:

  • Billing email address: Identified by subscription.billingOption.billAddress.emailAddress, this address is used for sending billing-related communications.

  • Shipping email address: Defined by subscription.shipToAddress.emailAddress, this address is used for any communications related to physical deliveries associated with the subscription.


When you update a shopper's expiration date for a subscription, the system associates a new expiration date with the subscription.


When you update a shopper's subscription payment option, the system associates a new billing or payment option with the subscription. When updated successfully, Retry On Account Update will trigger a billing attempt if the subscription falls under the renewal window.


When you update a shopper's subscription payment source, the system associates the new payment source with the subscription. If there is a billing option associated with the payment source, the system will create a new billing option for the payment source. The request payload contains the sourceId and isShippingSameAsBilling flag.


When you modify the subscription's perpetual price for a shopper, the system changes the subscription price for the remaining subscription cycle. The system updates the perpetual price or the hold price.


When you reduce a subscriber's subscription, either by lowering the quantity of the subscription items or removing product add-ons, the system promptly adjusts the subscriber's current subscription details. However, this action does not result in a refund for the adjustments made for the remaining period of the current subscription cycle.


You will be notified when you modify the subscription's external reference ID.


When you change the shopper's subscription price, the system updates the shopper's subscription renewal price.


When you change the shopper's subscription renewal product, the system updates the shopper's subscription renewal product.


When you change the shopper's subscription renewal quantity, the system updates the shopper's subscription renewal quantity.


When you change the shopper's subscription renewal type, the system updates the shopper's subscription renewal quantity.


When you change the shopper's ship-to address, the system either adds or updates the shopper's ship-to address.

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