Konbini is a payment method that requires a user to complete an order by making a payment at a store using a receipt number or a bank.
Konbini is a set of small convenience stores from different brands like Seven Eleven, FamilyMart, Lawson, etc. These stores are very popular in Japan because they are nearly on every corner, so everybody can pay for everything very quickly without the need to have a credit card or other electronic-enabled payment options. Konbini is a delayed fulfillment payment method, meaning fulfillment occurs after authorization and settlement.
Additional setup required: If you are interested in using Konbini, contact your Account Manager. The Account Manager will send instructions to file an application form to obtain a client unique ship ID from a local payment gateway and will assist in completing the form in Japanese.

How to configure

How you configure Konbini depends on whether you're using DigitalRiver.js with Elements or Drop-in payments.
DigitalRiver.js with Elements
Drop-in payments

Supported markets

For information on supported markets and currencies for Drop-in and DigitalRiver.js, go to: