PayPal RatenZahlung (Installment Payment)

Learn about PayPal RatenZahlung.
PayPal RatenZahlung is a pay later option available through PayPal Express Checkout Wallet. Presents within the PayPal wallet on a category known as "Pay Later". Note that PayPal RatenZahlung does not support recurring subscriptions. No additional setup is required to present this payment method in the PayPal Express Checkout Wallet. If the shopper's purchase history along with the items in the checkout qualify, PayPal RatenZahlung will be available as a payment method.

How to configure

How you configure PayPal RatenZahlung depends on whether you're using DigitalRiver.js with Elements or Drop-in payments.
DigitalRiver.js with Elements
Drop-in payments

Supported markets

For information on supported markets and currencies for Drop-in and DigitalRiver.js, go to: