Delayed payment instructions element

Learn how to create a Delayed Payment Instructions element that will generate a template containing instructions for delayed payment.

You can use the Delayed Payment Instructions element to generate a template that contains the instructions that explain how to complete payment for delayed payment types such as:

  • Boleto–where the shopper can go to various locations with cash or via bank transfer to make a payment.

  • Konbini–where the shopper must go to a convenience store to pay.

  • Wire Transfer–where the shopper has to go to their bank to wire money to the payment partner's bank.

Access the Delayed Payment Instructions demo to view the example output generated by the element. You can style and arrange this output using custom CSS in your application.

You can style and arrange this content using custom CSS. Click here to see an example of the output.

Creating a Delayed Payment Instructions element

To create a Delayed Payment Instructions element, use the createElement function exposed through the DigitalRiver Object. You can localize the content by using the localization functionality of DigitalRiver.js.

The Delayed Payment Instructions element also requires an options object. The options object requires the following attributes:



The source ID.


The client secret for the source.

let options = {
    "sourceId": "fc8b2df1-2a57-4b2d-82bb-dc62081d76c4",
    "sourceClientSecret": "fc8b2df1-2a57-4b2d-82bb-dc62081d76c4_deb0d81e-0666-4189-a1c3-ed677b1a5b2a"
let delayedPaymentInstructions = digitalriver.createElement('delayedpaymentinstructions', options);

Delayed Payment Instructions element functions


Call this function to place the created Delayed Payment Instructions element on your page.

<div id="delayed-payment-container"></div>

Delayed Payment Instructions element events

delayedPaymentInstructions.on('event', handler);

Use this function to listen to events that you use to build and enhance your purchase flow.

EventTriggered When

The created element is loaded.


A Ready event triggers when the Delayed Payment Instructions element has loaded.

delayedPaymentInstructions.on('ready', function(event) {
    //delayed payment instructions element is ready



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