Mini cart widget

Understand how to use a Mini Cart widget.

You can create a Mini Cart widget using javascript that runs on your website. The widget displays the contents of the cart to the shopper. You can implement the Mini Cart widget with a public API key or a confidential API key. The Mini Cart widget initiates the Shopper APIs requests directly from a web browser using JSONP as the cross-domain solution. The Shopper APIs also support CORS.

The Mini Cart widget uses the following common Shopper APIs:

  • GET /oauth20/token

  • POST v1/shoppers/me/carts/active?productId={​pid}​&quantity={​qty}

  • POST v1/shoppers/me/carts/active/line-items?productId={​pid}​&quantity={​qty}

  • GET v1/shoppers/me/carts/active

  • POST v1/shoppers/me/carts/active/web-checkout

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