Changing the subscription renewal type

Learn how to change the subscription renewal type.

A shopper can alter the renewal settings to manage their subscriptions more effectively. Whether they want to transition to a manual renewal process or ensure uninterrupted service by enabling auto-renewal, our API offers a straightforward method to adjust this setting. The following guide provides step-by-step instructions on changing the subscription renewal type for their services, ensuring their subscriptions align with their current requirements and preferences.

A shopper may change the subscription renewal type when their business or personal needs change. Here are some scenarios where adjusting the renewal type could be beneficial:

  • Switch to manual renewal: If shoppers want more control over when they renew their subscriptions or need to assess each renewal before proceeding, switching to manual renewal can be advantageous.

  • Enable auto-renewal: Enabling auto-renewal is recommended for critical services where continuity is paramount to ensure uninterrupted service and avoid the hassle of manually renewing subscriptions.

  • Cost management: Changing the renewal settings can also be part of a larger strategy to manage costs more effectively. For instance, they want to avoid unexpected renewals for no longer-needed services. By doing this, you can prevent unwanted renewals for no longer-needed services and ensure your subscription expenses are aligned with your needs.

  • Policy changes: If your organization changes its policy regarding managing subscriptions, you must adjust the renewal settings to comply with the new guidelines.

In summary, adjusting the subscription renewal type allows the shopper to adapt to changing circumstances and ensures that their subscriptions always align with their current needs and preferences.

You can send a POST /v1/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/renewal-type request to change the subscription renewal type. You will need to replace {subscriptionId} with your specific subscription ID and decide whether autoRenewal should be set to true or false based on your requirementsrequirement. Here's how you can do it using cURL:

curl --location --request POST '{subscriptionId}/renewal-type' \
--header 'Content-Type:  application/json' \
--header 'authorization: bearer ***' \
--data-raw '{
   "autoRenewal": false

Upon successful request, you will receive a 202 Accepted response indicating that your request to change the subscription renewal type has been accepted. The new plan will go into effect on the next renewal.

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