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Web checkout query parameters

You can specify one or more query parameters separated by an ampersand (&) to filter the contents of the web checkout. The following topics describe the query parameters for web-checkout. For more information on how to use query parameters, see Fields and query parameters.

The following describes query parameters for web-checkout.

External reference identifier (ERID)

The externalReferenceId is a company's internal identifier for a product.


Use the fields query parameter to specify the fields that appear in the response. Filtering the fields returned in the response can conserve bandwidth and accelerate response time.

Product identifier

A productId is your unique product identifier or unique stock keeping unit (SKU) for a product. A product's unique identifier is represented by an id.

Theme identifier

The themeId is the identifier of the theme associated with a site. The theme controls the styles of a Digital River-hosted web page.


The token is the authorized or anonymous token for the shopper.

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