Shopper basics

Use the Shopper APIs to create a consumer browsing experience.

Explore the Shopper APIs for the Commerce API suite for an end-to-end eCommerce experience used when our Global Commerce platform is the system of record. The Shopper APIs allow you to build a storefront, create shopper workflows, operate your store, and display products. You can use the Shopper API to manage programmatically:

The Shopper APIs are essential for developers looking to create custom eCommerce solutions, offering the tools needed to build a secure, efficient, and user-friendly online shopping experience.

The /shoppers/me endpoint plays a crucial role in representing the current shopper session, enabling tailored interactions and transactions on the platform.

The Shopper APIs within the Commerce API suite empower developers to craft bespoke eCommerce, secure, and user-friendly solutions. These APIs provide a comprehensive set of tools for constructing a storefront, managing shopper workflows, operating your store, and showcasing products. Key capabilities include:

  • User authentication and authorization: Using OAuth 2.0, these APIs ensure secure transactions by allowing third-party applications to perform actions on behalf of shoppers without accessing their passwords.

  • Shopper management: This feature lets you manage shopper sessions with the /shoppers/me in the URL, which is pivotal for customizing interactions and transactions.

  • Product discovery: This feature facilitates the retrieval of detailed product information, including variations, pricing, inventory status, and more, enhancing the shopping experience.

  • Cart management: This feature provides comprehensive shopping cart management, from creation and updates to handling offers and processing checkouts.

  • Order management: This feature supports looking up and managing orders and handling returns, thereby ensuring a smooth post-purchase experience.

  • Subscription handling: This feature offers detailed subscription management, including updates at the next renewal, immediate changes, and midterm adjustments, all aimed at maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. You can find subscription information in the Subscription management and Subscriptions sections.

By leveraging these features, developers can create a seamless and efficient online shopping experience tailored to the needs of modern consumers.

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