Roles and permissions

Understand the roles and permissions for Commerce API.

Understanding roles and permissions within the Global Commerce API suite is fundamental to ensuring secure and efficient access to our API collections. This guide outlines the roles and permissions associated with Shopper and Admin APIs. By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure that the right level of access is granted to the appropriate individuals within your organization, thereby protecting sensitive information and maintaining operational integrity. Whether obtaining credentials for the first time or updating existing permissions, this resource will guide you through managing access in alignment with your business needs.

Commerce API suite roles and permissions

The following table shows the roles and permissions required for each API collection:

API collectionPermissions

Shopper APIs permission

Admin APIs permission

See the Obtain API credentials section for instructions on how to get the correct permissions.

Global Commerce roles and permissions

The following resources in the Admin APIs require additional Global Commerce roles:


Customer Service Director, Customer Service Supervisor, or Customer Service Representative

Site Manager

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