Understand the delayed Konbini payment expired event.

The significance of the Konbini payload in the delayed_payment.expired request lies in its role in facilitating the identification and reminder process for pending or expired payments made through the Konbini payment method. Specifically, the Konbini payload includes critical details such as:

  • konbini: This main object contains the details specific to the Konbini payment method.

    • storeId: This is the identifier for the store where the payment is processed. In the example, the store ID is "010".

    • receiptNumber: Represents the receipt number for the transaction. The example receipt number is "7231852091080".

    • printableInvoiceUrl: This URL points to the printable version of the transaction invoice. It's represented as "{invoiceUrl}" in the example, indicating a placeholder for the actual URL.

    • storeName: The name of the store in a language that is easily understood internationally, in this case, "Seven Eleven".

    • localizedStoreName: This represents the store's name in the local language or script, which, for this example is "セブン‐イレブン", the Japanese name for "Seven Eleven".

    • storeLogoUrl: The URL for the store's logo. Similar to the printable invoice URL, it's represented here as "{storeLogoUrl}", a placeholder for the actual URL.

This payload demonstrates how detailed and localized information regarding a Konbini payment is captured, from basic transaction details to specific identifiers useful for international understanding and local specificity.

"konbini": {
  "storeId": "010",
  "receiptNumber": "7231852091080",
  "printableInvoiceUin": "{invoiceUrl}",
  "storeName": "Seven Eleven",
  "localizedStoreName": "セブン‐イレブン",
  "storeLogoUrl": "{storeLogoUrl}"

When a Konbini payment method's delayed payment has expired, a webhook payload is triggered to notify of the expiration. This payload, identified by the type delayed_payment.expired, contains detailed information regarding the expired payment. The payload provides the order details, including the order ID, date when the order was placed, products purchased, customer's billing and shipping addresses, order total, subtotals, taxes, and specifically, the Konbini payment details such as store ID, receipt number, and printable invoice URL. It also includes metadata like the locale, site ID, and shopper ID.

Here's an outline of the data included in the delayed_payment.expired webhook payload for Konbini payments:

  • orderId: Unique identifier for the order.

  • placedOnDate: Date and time when the order was placed.

  • products: List of products included in the order, with details like product ID, display name, and SKU.

  • billToAddress & shipToAddress: Billing and shipping address information of the customer.

  • shopperId: ID associated with the shopper.

  • locale: Locale setting at the time of the order.

  • siteId: Identifier for the site on which the order was placed.

  • orderTotal: Total amount of the order.

  • currency: Currency in which the order was transacted.

  • tax: Tax amount applied to the order.

  • shippingTotal: Total shipping cost (if any).

  • businessEntity: Entity under which the business transaction was performed.

  • expirationDate: Date when the delayed payment expires.

  • paymentSourceType: Indicates the payment source, in this case, "konbini".

  • konbini: Specific details related to the Konbini payment method, including the store ID, receipt number, and URLs for printable invoices and store logos.

This expired notification is crucial for both merchants and customers to manage and update the status of orders placed using the Konbini payment method, ensuring a smooth transactional process.

Webhook payload
  "type": "delayed_payment.expired",
  "data": {
    "object": {
      "orderId": "1087739480080",
      "placedOnDate": "2022-05-31T15:58:21.000Z",
      "products": [
          "id": "82062200",
          "displayName": "Subscription 1 Week Manual Renewal",
          "sku": "123456"
      "billToAddress": {
        "firstName": "Jane",
        "lastName": "Doe",
        "companyName": "DR",
        "line1": "6-chome-22 Kagurazaka",
        "line2": "Shinjuku City",
        "city": "Tokyo-to",
        "postalCode": "162-0825",
        "state": "Tokyo",
        "country": "JP",
        "countryName": "Japan",
        "phoneNumber": "811-234-56789",
        "emailAddress": "subs_test@digitalriver.com",
        "countyName": "Eastwood"
      "shipToAddress": {
        "firstName": "Jane",
        "lastName": "Doe",
        "line1": "10380 Bren Rd",
        "city": "Eden Prairie",
        "postalCode": "55344",
        "state": "MN",
        "country": "US",
        "countryName": "United States",
        "emailAddress": "subs_test@digitalriver.com"
      "shopperId": "506943170289",
      "locale": "ja_JP",
      "siteId": "paytest2",
      "orderTotal": 126,
      "currency": "JPY",
      "orderDiscount": 0,
      "subTotal": 126,
      "tax": 0,
      "shippingTotal": 0,
      "businessEntity": "Digital River Inc.",
      "expirationDate": "2022-06-30T15:58:07.000Z",
      "expirationDays": 30,
      "paymentSourceType": "konbini",
      "konbini": {
        "storeId": "010",
        "receiptNumber": "7232254886694",
        "printableInvoiceUrl": "[printableInvoiceUrl",
        "storeName": "Seven Eleven",
        "localizedStoreName": "セブン‐イレブン",
        "storeLogoUrl": "{storeLogoURL}"
  "clientIds": {
    "site_id": "paytest2"
  "searchableData": {
    "orderId": "1087739480080"

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