Changing the subscription renewal product

Learn how to change the subscription renewal product.

In certain scenarios, you may find the need to update the product associated with a subscription's renewal. Whether it's to upgrade a service, opt for a different product offering, or adjust to align with customer preferences, changing the renewal product can be a seamless process. This guide explains how to modify the product slated for subscription renewal using the Commerce API and ensure that your subscription renewals reflect your customers' current requirements and preferences.

If there's a need to change the product associated with a subscription's renewal, follow the steps below using the Commerce API. This process is beneficial for upgrading services, opting for different product offerings, or adjusting to customer preferences.


  1. Gather prerequisites: Ensure you have the subscriptionId for the subscription you want to modify and the renewalProductId for the new product you intend to set for renewal.

  2. Authorization: Confirm that you have proper authorization credentials (Authorization: Basic {Your_Authorization}).

  3. Send the request: Send the POST /v1/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/renewal-product request. Replace {subscriptionId} with your actual subscription ID and {renewalProductId} with the ID of the product you want to set for renewal.

curl --location --request POST '{subscriptionId}/renewal-product' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic ***' \
--data-raw '{
  "renewalProductId": "{renewalProductId}"
  1. Verify the change: After sending the request, you should receive a 202 Accepted response indicating that your request to change the renewal product is being processed. The new plan will go into effect on the next renewal.

Additional Tips:

  • Error Handling: Pay attention to any error messages returned by the API. Common issues might relate to authorization errors or invalid IDs.

  • Follow-Up: Always confirm that the changes have been applied by retrieving the subscription details after the update.

Following these steps, you can efficiently update the subscription renewal product, ensuring that your offerings align with your customer's preferences and requirements.

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