Commerce API release notes for 2022.


Digital River adds Afterpay to the payment method roster! By leveraging Afterpay, your shoppers have the flexibility to buy now and pay for their purchases in 4 interest-free installments over 6 weeks. Learn how you can add Afterpay here.


  • You can now bank on BLIK in Poland. BLIK is the must-have payment method for Polish shoppers. BLIK transactions accounted for 75% of ecommerce volume and a 60% market share of all ecommerce in Poland for 2021. BLIK boasts over 10.1 million active users and is continuing to grow. See BLIK to add BLIK to your checkout.

  • We added support for Financial Process Exchange (FPX). FPX lets Malaysian shoppers pay for online purchases directly from their bank account. See FPX Online Banking to add FPX to your checkout.


You can now get all applied offers, remove a specific applied offer at the user level, or remove all eligible offers, including site level and user level, from a customer's cart. We also added information on reconciling conflicting offers.


You can now update a subscriber's email address so they can receive future notifications using their preferred email address.


We added support for the Trustly payment method. Shoppers can use Trustly to make fast, simple, and secure payments directly from their bank accounts without the risk of fraud.


We updated instructions to the Global Commerce Help that explain how to test the email notification and enable or disable email notifications.


You can now create an iDEAL element that will automatically get a user's agreement and IBAN number for single-use and recurring transactions.


  • We expanded our Klarna Pay Later offering with the addition of payment options in Canada, France, Ireland, Poland, and Portugal. You can learn more here.

  • We expanded our TreviPay B2B payment offering to include locales in Denmark and New Zealand! You can find more details here.


We added Flex Term Monthly Billing to our subscription platform. This feature allows you to set up a subscription product and sell a monthly subscription with an annual commitment.

When a shopper uses Flex Term Monthly Billing, they will be billed once a month for their purchase. The shopper can choose any kind of commitment, such as 3, 6, 12, 24, or 36 months. Charges occur automatically every month until the commitment period is complete, at which point the shopper can renew their subscription.


  • Fair Consumer Contracts Act (FCCA) enhancement We add support for the German Fair Consumer Contracts Act (FCCA) by adding a dedicated cancellation page in German and English to the footer on-site "defaults" that allow sending a cancellation request without signing in. Notifications for request confirmation and reminders are available in German and English. Learn more about FCCA.

  • Webhook service for Commerce API We released the Webhook service for Commerce API. The Webhook service now supports events covering the entire subscription lifecycle. You can choose to manage the service through the Global Commerce interface or the Webhooks API. You can now integrate the Webhook service for Commerce API with endpoints to get an instant update on events throughout the entire subscription lifecycle. We also updated the list of webhook events in the Webhook service. You can now choose from more subscription events.




We restructured the API tags and descriptions for the Shopper API as follows:



We upgraded Google Pay to offer the up-to-date Google Pay wallet experience. You can now configure the dynamic Google Pay button by applying your preferred button styles.


We added support for the iDEAL payment method.


We added support for the Bancontact payment method.


We added support for the Boleto payment method.

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