Learn how to manage fulfillments managed by Digital River.

Fulfillment is the steps involved to receive, process, and deliver physical or digital product orders. It is how you distribute your product to shoppers. How you choose to fulfill your product will depend on the product itself and any fulfillment agreements you have with Digital River or third‑party companies.

  • Electronic Fulfillment Service (OFI)—The automated mechanism through which Digital River communicates fulfillment of licenses, warranties, storage space, secure certificates, PINs, digital activation, and various service products.

  • Digital Rights—The rights or permissions granted to a shopper by the publisher or manufacturer to use or access a software application, game, system, and so forth.

  • Digital Rights Revocation—Revokes a previously granted digital right.

  • Physical Fulfillment—Connects a commerce site to logistics partners who drop-ship products to the shopper.

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