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How to ensure SCA compliance

Determine your approach to implementing SCA.
For your integration to access our Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) solution, you must be using payment sessions. These are embedded in both Drop-in and DigitalRiver.js with Elements.
Use the following flowchart to find your appropriate SCA integration scenario:
Integration scenario
Next steps
I'm using Drop-in payments
You're already using our recommended, out-of-the-box solution for complying with SCA. To make sure you're using the tool correctly, review the Drop-in payments documentation and then build your workflow.
I'm using payment sessions with elements
You're currently using DigitalRiver.js in a way that gives you access to SCA flow handling. Your next steps involve building your SCA workflow.
I need to migrate to payment sessions
You'll need to use payment sessions to access SCA handling and compliance. Drop-in payments are the preferred method for performing this migration, but you can also migrate directly to payment sessions using DigitalRiver.js. Once you're done with the migration, you'll need to build your SCA workflow.