200 OK

Understand the 200 OK error codes and warnings.

The 200 OK status code indicates that the system successfully processed the request. However, paying attention to any warnings that may accompany a successful response is important. These warnings notify you of issues that may not impact the immediate success of your request but could have implications for your application or user experience.


When interacting with web services or APIs, receiving a 200 OK status code is generally a sign that your request was successfully received, understood, and processed. However, it's essential to recognize that a 200 OK response might also come with errors or warnings. These are not outright failures but notifications or alerts about potential issues with your request. Understanding these 200 OK errors is crucial for diagnosing problems that might not interrupt your immediate operations but could affect long-term functionality or user experience. This section will delve into common errors and warnings associated with a 200 OK response, offering insights into their implications and how to address them.


The product in the cart is unavailable because it is out of stock.


This section covers various warnings that you may see while using the system. While these warnings do not halt operations, they indicate conditions requiring adjustments or further attention to ensure optimal functionality. These notifications might include eligibility issues with coupon codes, inventory alerts, or tax-related advisories. Understanding and addressing these warnings can enhance your experience and interaction with the platform.


The applicable discount triggered by the provided coupon code will be applied to the cart once it meets the offer criteria. The shopper must add the item associated with the coupon code associated to the cart.


To calculate landed cost, you must provide the correct HS code when creating a product. When you send an incorrect HS code to the landed cost calculator, Digital River can calculate the importTax, but the importDuty might not be available.

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