Base product with variants

Learn about base products with variants.

You can create a product grouping consisting of a base product (parent) and one or more sellable SKU variants (children) of that base product.

All variants inherit the common attributes of the base product. Change the appropriate attributes in the variation to make it unique. You can change nearly anything about a variation so that it differs from the base product. But you should only change those settings or attributes that are unique to the variation to reduce operational maintenance.

Note: A customer cannot add a base product to a cart; they can only add the variant SKUs of that product to a cart. In an online storefront, an interstitial page appears for variants so customers on a Digital River-Hosted store pageThe can choose a product variation. On a Digital River-Hosted store page, the store template automates and controls this behavior.

The following image shows an example of a base product with a variant page:

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