Events overview

Learn about the structure of events and when they are created.

In the digital commerce ecosystem, staying updated with every change is crucial for ensuring seamless operations and providing top-notch service. That's where Commerce API events step in. These events are specially designed data objects generated upon any change in the state of an API resource. They serve as a beacon, alerting your systems to significant updates and changes within an account. This mechanism empowers integrations to monitor and respond efficiently to the most pertinent changes.

With the ability to subscribe to specific event types through webhooks, developers can focus their system's response on the events most relevant to their operational needs. This guide will explore the various event types available within Commerce APIs and demonstrate how to set up webhooks for effectively subscribing to these events, enabling your systems to stay informed and react promptly to key changes.

Creating email notifications

You can configure Global Commerce to send email notifications when an event occurs. See the Email notifications section in the Global Commerce Help for instructions.

Subscribing to events in Global Commerce

To subscribe to an event within Global Commerce, follow the instructions in Creating a webhook section. By following these steps, you will successfully subscribe to selected event types, enabling your systems to receive notifications and respond to changes promptly.

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