Capturing the Terms of Sale (TOS) acceptance

Learn how to add a TOS acceptance.

You capture when a customer accepts the TOS. The following requests allow a customer to accept the TOS from the cart:

  • Submit Cart: POST /v1/shoppers/me/carts/active/submit-cart

  • Update or Create Cart: POST /v1/shoppers/me/carts/active

Creating the TOS

You can use a DigitalRiver object provided by DigitalRiver.js to create the TOS required by Digital River.

Setting the TOS acceptance parameter

If you want the customer to accept the TOS, you need to add the termsOfSalesAcceptance parameter when you create the Cart.



The Terms of Sale Acceptance. The enumerated values are true or false.

Create request and response example

Create a Cart object with a POST request:

  "cart": {
    "ipAddress": ""
    "termsOfSalesAcceptance": "true"

How a customer accepts the TOS

How a user accepts the TOS depends on which option you selected when you configured Terms of Sale Acceptance on the Checkout tab under Configure Site Settings in Global Commerce.

Customer passively accepts terms through order submission

If you chose Shopper passively accepts terms through order submission, the customer accepts the TOS when they submit the order. Digital River requires this setting when we are the Reseller of Record.

The customer actively accepts the TOS

If you chose Shopper actively accepts terms before completing the purchase, the customer must click the checkbox to accept the TOS. Sites based in the EU require this setting.

No acceptance required

Choose No Acceptance Required if your site does not require the customer to accept the TOS.

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