Warning objects

Understand warning error objects.

Warning objects are alerts generated during the deployment process that indicate potential issues with the product setup. While they do not prevent the deployment of a product, they flag areas that could lead to suboptimal performance or presentation in your store. Addressing these warnings before deployment is highly recommended to ensure the product functions and appears as intended.

Deployment error

A deployment error indicates a major setup issue with the product that will likely affect the sale and fulfillment of the product in your store. You cannot deploy products with deployment errors until you fix all errors. It prevents you from deploying a product that will fail to sell correctly in your store.

Deployment warning

Deployment warnings identify potential issues with your product's setup during deployment. They highlight concerns that might affect the product's performance or appearance in your store but do not prevent it from being deployed. It is advisable to address these warnings before proceeding with deployment to ensure optimal functionality and presentation of your product.

Live change warnings

Live change warnings appear when you apply live changes to a base product or product variation through programmatic means. These warnings indicate potential issues with the changes you are trying to make, such as compatibility problems, errors in the update logic, or conflicts with the current product setup. While these warnings do not prevent the application of changes, they serve as crucial alerts, advising you to review and potentially revise the changes to avoid adverse effects on the product's functionality and availability in your store.

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