Getting a product by locale

Learn how to get the information for a product by locale.

Basic The following GET /v1/products/{productid or ERID}/locales/{locale} request retrieves data associated with a specific locale for an individual or base product. All product variations (if any) for a base product will appear as a URL in the response.

To get a specific product by locale, you must provide either a productId or ERID and the locale (for example, en_us). If the request finds multiple products associated with the ERID, the response will return all of them.

The following example uses productId to get the locale for a specific product.

curl --location --request GET '{productId}/locales/en_US' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic <API_key>' \

An ERID request requires the x-erid-as-pid=true header.

curl --location --request GET '{ERID}/locales/en_US' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic  <API_key>' \
--header 'header x-erid-as-pid=true' \

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