Cancelling a subscription

Learn how to cancel a subscription by the subscription identifiers.

Cancelling a subscription is an important feature of subscription management, allowing users or administrators to terminate recurring services or products. This document explains how to cancel a shopper's subscription within our system. This ensures a smooth transition and user experience when a subscription is no longer needed or desired.

When cancelling a subscription, setting suppressCancelNotification to true is crucial in certain scenarios, such as when:

  • You want to manage how and when the user is notified about the cancellation, perhaps through a custom messaging or email system.

  • You're performing bulk cancellations and wish to avoid spamming your users with multiple notifications.

  • The cancellation is part of a larger account or service modification process where notifications are handled separately or at a later stage.

This option provides flexibility in managing the user experience around subscription cancellations.

To cancel a subscription immediately, send a POST /v1/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/cancel request. Replace {subscriptionId} with the actual ID of the subscription you wish to cancel. Ensure you replace with {YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN} with your authorization token. You must also set the suppressCancelNotification parameter to true in the request body to suppress the cancellation notification email, as shown in the following example:

curl --location --request POST 'https://{host}>/v1/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/cancel' \
--header 'Content-Type:  application/json' \
--header 'authorization: bearer {YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN}'\
--data-raw '{
 "suppressCancelNotification": true

After executing the request, you will receive a 202 Accepted response if successful. The cancellation will go into effect immediately.

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