Alipay (domestic)

Alipay (domestic) is a delayed fulfillment payment method, meaning fulfillment occurs after authorization and settlement.

Established in 2004, Alipay (domestic) is China's leader in third-party online payments and has an estimated 300 million users. It works much like PayPal, where the consumer chooses to make a payment and is directed to the external Alipay (domestic) site, where they enter (or choose existing) payment information.

Alipay (domestic) does not support recurring payments.

Contact your Customer Success Manager and sign an Alipay (domestic) addendum if you want to use Alipay (domestic).

How to configure

How you configure Alipay (domestic) depends on whether you're using DigitalRiver.js with Elements or Drop-in payments.

DigitalRiver.js with ElementsDrop-in payments

How it works

Alipay (domestic) uses a redirect then submit (RTS) payment flow.

Supported markets

For information on supported markets and currencies for Drop-in and DigitalRiver.js, go to:

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