Drop-in is a fast and easy way to add payment methods to your store’s checkout experience.
Drop-in is our all-in-one solution for accepting payments and ensuring compliance. Use this solution for a quick way to start accepting payments with ease.
Use Drop-in as your payment method solution if you want:
  • To receive newly supported payment methods automatically without deploying code
  • Out of the box support for PSD2; including Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
  • To ensure compliance for transactions and payment method collection/usage
Drop-in references the DigitalRiver.js library and provides a default look and feel that offers levels of customization. Drop-in automatically displays supported payments based on data collected during the cart session. Adding a new payment method does not require any additional implementation effort, but may require additional configuration steps.
See Supported payment methods for a list of payment methods supported by Drop-in.
If you want to customize the look and feel of Drop-in, see Configuring payment methods within Drop-in for more information.

Getting started

Digital River helps you get up and running quickly. Follow the instructions in the Drop-in integration guide to discover how easily you can integrate Digital River payment methods into your app or website.
Last modified 2mo ago
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