Drop-in is a fast and easy way to add payment methods to your store’s checkout experience.

Drop-in is a default payments integration tool that allows you to quickly enable payment methods and begin accepting payments on your website with little or no customization.

Drop-in uses the DigitalRiver.js library and provides a default look and feel that you can customize. By interpreting data collected during the checkout session, Drop-in automatically renders supported payments. Adding a new payment method does not require any additional implementation effort but may require additional configuration steps.

Drop-in allows you to use the same payment structure with our API clients (both Commerce API and Digital River API), our connectors, and our hosted store.

Supported payment methods

  • Apple Pay

  • bPay

  • Credit Cards

  • Direct Debit

  • Google Pay

  • Japan COD

  • Konbini

  • Korea Bank – Bank Transfer

  • Korea PayCo

  • Online Banking

  • PayPal

  • Wire Transfer

Getting started

Digital River helps you get up and running quickly. Follow the instructions in the Drop-in integration guide to discover how easily you can integrate Digital River payment methods into your app or website.