Payment methods

Understand payment methods and how to implement them.
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Alipay is a delayed fulfillment payment method, meaning fulfillment occurs after authorization and settlement.
Apple Pay
Apple Pay provides a fast and secure shopping experience where the consumer can quickly and seamlessly checkout with the...
bPay is a wire transfer payment method used in Australia, where users can make payments online and over the phone for on...
Credit Cards
The Credit Cards payment method is a fast and secure shopping experience where the consumer can purchase goods or servic...
SEPA Direct Debit
SEPA Direct Debit allows users to authorize transactions directly from their bank account, which is a popular internatio...
Google Pay
The Google Pay payment method allows a merchant to request any credit or debit card stored in their customer’s Google ac...
Klarna allows the consumer to purchase a product and then be billed for it afterward.
Konbini is a payment method that requires a user to complete an order by making a payment at a store using a receipt num...
Korea–Bank Transfer
Korea Bank is a payment method that represents 20% of the local market share. Recurring payments are supported.
Online Banking
Online Banking, also sometimes called Internet Bank Payment (IBP), is a Browser Redirect processing method where custome...
Accept PayCo in Korea, a digital wallet that currently represents 10% market share and is expected to grow. Recurring pa...
Accept payment from consumers using PayPal to transfer funds online.
TreviPay is a B2B net terms line of credit that integrates with ecommerce technology to allow invoicing at checkout.
Wire Transfer
Wire Transfer is an offline payment method where a consumer goes to their bank to send the money.
Common payment sources
Learn about payment sources that are common to all payment methods.
Common payment objects
Learn about payment objects that are common to all payment methods.