Order summary component

Gain a better understanding of the order summary component along with how to create and mount it

The order summary component lists the products in the customer's cart at checkout-time and provides an item-level and order-level breakdown of how much they are to be charged, denominated in the checkout-session's currency.

For each of that resource's items[], the component displays its quantity along with the image and name that you either passed in productDetails or stored in the referenced SKU.

As customers progress through the various stages of checkout, Digital River computes applicable taxes and shipping costs and then updates the experience.

Creating the order summary component

To create an instance of the order summary component, pass 'ordersummary' to createComponent().

let orderSummaryComponent;
orderSummaryComponent = components.createComponent('ordersummary');

Mounting the order summary component

To attach the order summary component to your DOM, pass the id of its container to mount().

<div id="order-summary-container" style="display: block">

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