Thank you component

Gain a better understanding of the thank your component along with how to create and mount it

The thank you component confirms that the purchase was successful and displays the order's identifier.

The component can also display instructions on authorizing Konbini, Wire Transfer, and other delayed payment methods. More specifically, if the flow of an order's primary payment.sources[] is receiver, then the component provides customers guidance on how to push the funds.

Refer to Handling success events on the Components checkout page for details on determining when to display this component.

Creating the thank you component

To create an instance of the thank you component, pass 'thankyou' to createComponent().

let thankYouComponent;
thankYouComponent = components.createComponent('thankyou');

Mounting the thank you component

To attach the thank you component to your DOM, pass the id of its container to mount().

<div id="order-details-container" style="display: block">

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