Standards and certifications

Learn about Digital River's build standards and certification process.

You can work with Digital River to create a connector that meets our build standards, conduct tool-specific and store-specific certifications, and then deploy the connector to end sites. The following pages explain how to navigate this process:

By adhering to these standards and completing these certifications, you can take advantage of our commerce and payment products. More specifically, you'll be able to create certified, reusable components that integrate Digital River features into your platform and then deploy them across your client base.

Target audience

The standards and certifications outlined here are intended for product managers, platform developers, and QA teams who want to learn how to integrate with Digital River.

Product managers

Product managers can use these build standards to:

Platform developers and engineers

Platform developers and engineers can use these build standards to:

QA teams

Members of QA teams can use these build standards to:

Initial interactions

You can learn more about our current technology partners and system integrators here.

If you're already a Digital River partner, we encourage you to access our partner portal. And if you'd like to become a Digital River partner, please contact us.


Here you'll find important resources to assist you in building your commerce connector, such as helper libraries, compliance guides, a Postman collection, and fundamental information on the Digital River API. You'll also find a list of common terms and their frequently used aliases.

Digital River API fundamentals

Common terms



Tool, Certified integration, Connector

Commerce provider

Systems integrator, Platform, Ecosystem

Client implementation

End site, Checkout experience, Store

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