Filtering the API log

Learn how to filter the API log.

Setting your filter parameters

The following table lists the parameters you can define when you filter your API log.


Date range

The start and end dates of the time period you want to search.


Select the type of status code you want to view. Your options are 2xx, 4xx, or 5xx.

HTTP method

The HTTP method used for the request. Your options are GET, POST, or DELETE.

API key name

The API key name. You can choose the API key name from the dropdown list.

Filtering the API log

You can filter the list on the Event logs page to display the information you want to view. To filter the results in the Events log:

  1. Click API logs in the left navigation. The API logs page appears.

  2. If desired, specify a Date range filter. To do this, first specify a range Start Date by clicking the calendar icon on the right side of the Start Date field. You are presented with the calendar page dialog.

  3. In the calendar page, choose the date, month, and year that you want for your Start Date. To assist you with selecting your date, click the left/right chevrons to go back and forth in time on the calendar page .

  4. Click your desired date and the Time selection clock modal appears to let you pick a time if more filtering precision is needed.

The Filter button displays how many changes you have applied to the Filter settings while you are on the page. The Filter settings return to their default settings when you leave the page. To clear the settings on the filter, click Filter and then click Clear.

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