Release notes

Keep track of changes and updates to the Digital River API.

The terms used below include information about how your integration may be affected by new code releases. There are non-breaking and breaking changes:

  • Non-breaking changes include incremental or "safe" changes and some new features.

  • Known issues are items we are aware of and are indicated with a red banner.

See the Versioning page for more details.


New look for Digital River Dashboard!

Great news! Digital River Dashboard now provides a better and bolder user interface experience while still keeping the features and favorites that you currently use. We have enhanced the Dashboard’s look to serve you better and provide a cleaner overall experience. You will see new navigation icons, cleaner tables and formatting, and a new look in every section of the app. But don't worry - all your favorite features will still be easy to find, and you can navigate the same way you do now.


New payment method: BNP Paribas

We are excited to announce the launch of a new payment integration with BNP Paribas—a global leader in asset custody and financial services. This addition expands our array of payment options, offering more flexibility and convenience for our customers, especially those who prefer using BNP Paribas for their transactions.

Feel free to communicate any issues or suggestions through our support channels. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve our payment options.


You can now build integrations directly with your distributors, allowing you to deploy and scale your applications more easily. For details, refer to Distributor model.


You can now embed Prebuilt Checkout in an Inline Frame element. By doing so, you can keep customers on your site throughout the entire checkout process, which helps ensure that the experience looks and feels more consistent and potentially increases conversion rates.


Great news! We have improved our administration dashboard to give you a better user experience. We've changed the name of the Dashboard to "Digital River Dashboard" for clarity and consistency. We are excited for you to see the difference for yourself.


You can now use the PC040128 and PC040133 tax codes to make B2C sales of golf and leather apparel, respectively.

For details, refer to Supported tax codes.


You can now stop subscription reminders from getting created.


You can now use the PM030108 tax code. For details, refer to Supported tax codes.


You now have better control over viewing, managing, and deleting Prebuilt Checkout links in the Digital River Dashboard based on your assigned role.

Improvements have been made to the Dashboard Prebuilt Checkout links feature navigation, the Prebuilt Checkout links list page, and the Prebuilt Checkout links details page.


You can now refresh lists generated by Dashboard list pages by clicking the Refresh icon. For examples, refer to Orders and Transactions.


You now have greater control over how a Prebuilt Checkout is styled. For details, refer to Defining experience.


You can now add custom fields to Components.

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