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Release notes

Keep track of changes and updates to the Digital River API.
The terms used below include information about how your integration may be affected by new code releases. There are non-breaking and breaking changes:
  • Non-breaking changes include incremental or "safe" changes and some new features.
  • Breaking changes include changes that involve major refactoring or rewrites. They are listed on this page with an orange banner indicator.
  • Known issues are items we are aware of and are indicated with a red banner.
See the Versioning page for more details.


You can now:



If you pair an external subscription service with Prebuilt Checkout, you can now display the subscription's billing frequency.






We added a Tariff codes section to the Dashboard SKU details page.


We updated the event types documentation with a list of all event types available from the Dashboard Create webook page. The list includes new Subscriptions events.


Subscriptions now have a state of lapsed. For details, refer to:


You can now use the item classification service.


  • Digital River has recently added CCAvenue to its payment method options. CCAvenue is a payment processing option for Digital River clients with an Indian bank account. This auto-settle payment method offers various local payment options in India, such as Credit Cards, Wallet, Net Banking, and UPI.
  • We also added the Payment required columns to the Supported payment methods table.


We added an Addendum required column to the Supported payment methods table.


Whether you use Dashboard or another user agent to create a link to a Prebuilt Checkout, if language, shoppingCountry, items[].metadata, or metadata are defined in the request, then that data is now persisted in the checkout-session, checkout, and, assuming the customer successfully completes the purchase, the order as well.
This applies to both one-time and reusable links.


You can now use Components, one of Digital River's low-code checkout options.



To localize purchase invoices and credit memos, you can now add a language to checkouts.


You can now use Digital River's payment reauthorization feature.





When fullfilling orders, you can add optional shipping and tracking information for each item.


By defining the checkout-session's upstreamId, you can display a custom order identifier.


A SKU's id can now contain one or more . (dots/points). For details, refer to Unique identifier on the Managing SKUs page.



You can now add order-level metadata when you generate Prebuilt Checkout links.


With SKUs, you can now add the following information:


In Prebuilt Checkout, you can now:


  • We enabled GitBook AI, a semantic search tool, on the Documentation Portal.
    To find GitBook AI, click the Search bar in the upper right corner.
    Type your question in the Ask or search field and click Ask "{{Search content}} using GitBook AI. You can ask GitBook AI anything regarding Digital River features. It will give you plain English answers in seconds. For example, you can ask for an overview of a feature, and GitBook AI will return a quick and concise answer. Note: While semantic search can provide robust answers, sometimes the answers may be wrong. If you think the answer is incorrect, use the regular search to locate information.
    Additionally, GitBook AI will provide follow-up questions that you might be interested in.
    You can also see where GitBook AI found the information and click through to read more.
    You can ask for a code snippet for an API.
    You can ask for the steps to perform a specific task.
  • We added Box Shadow as an available custom style when configuring custom styles for DigitalRiver.js with Elements.


Digital River adds Clearpay to the payment method roster! By leveraging Afterpay, your shoppers have the flexibility to buy now and pay for their purchases in 3 interest-free payments over 60 days. Learn how you can add Clearpay here.


Amazon Pay is a global digital wallet paving the way for your brand to gain visibility and access to millions of existing Amazon customers. This payment method boasts a highly secure and seamless checkout experience, leveraging saved shipping and payment information in the shopper's Amazon account. As a result, the shopper can complete their transactions in 3 simple clicks and almost twice as fast as other payment options. Digital River supports Amazon Pay Checkout.