Getting a payout by ID

Learn how to get a payout by identifier.

Setting payout path parameters

The following table lists the required parameters you can provide in a get payout by ID request.




Unique payout identifier.

Example get request and response

To retrieve details of a payout, you must supply the unique identifier of the payout:

GET /payouts​/2000028600_1410_2019

A 200 OK response returns the Payout object.

  "id": "2000028600_1410_2019",
  "createdTime": "2019-04-25T20:36:00Z",
  "payoutTime": "2019-04-25T00:00:00Z",
  "currency": "USD",
  "amount": 1180.26,
  "payerId": "1410",
  "payerName": "DR globalTech, Inc.",
  "payeeId": "0013900100",
  "payeeName": "ACME, Inc.",
  "liveMode": true

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