Fulfilling items

Learn how to fulfill items from the Order details page.

You can fulfill an order fully or partially from the Order details page. Selecting and fulfilling items capture payment for those items.

Note: An order item is either identified by a SKU ID or a Product ID (SKU group) - not both.

To fulfill items:

  1. Click Orders in the left navigation. The Orders page appears.

  2. Filter your search results for Accepted orders.

  3. Click the accepted order ID link under the ID column. The Order details page appears.

  4. Add optional shipping and tracking information in the Optional information section. The optional fields are as follows:

    • Shipment ID: The seller and shipper of goods provide a unique alpha-numeric string that identifies the shipment.

    • Tracking company: The name of the company tracking the item.

    • Tracking number: The tracking company assigns a unique string to a package when shipping it. Tracking numbers are useful for knowing the location of time-sensitive deliveries.

    • Tracking URL: The company URL used for tracking the fulfilled item shipment. Note: The Digital River Dashboard will not display blank fields.

  5. Click Review and submit. The Fulfillment items dialog box appears.

  6. A green Fulfillment successful dialog box will appear in the bottom left corner.

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