Order refund synchronization

Learn more about the standards related to synchronizing order refund data.

The checklist items and standards in this section cover how to consume refund and chargeback events and use them to update order refund data in your commerce system. This helps ensure that throughout the entire order life cycle, the data in your system stays in sync with the data in Digital River's system.

Integration checklist

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Integration standards

These integration standards relate to synchronizing order refund states:

Consume refund complete event and update refund data

After you provide notification of a refund, Digital River processes your request and emits refund-related events to your webhooks. When you receive the refund.complete and order.charge.refund.complete events, update your commerce system with the state value, and other information, delivered in the events.

Consume chargeback event and update refund data

When Digital River processes and completes a chargeback, we create a Sales Transaction with a type of fraud_chargeback or non_fraud_chargeback and send you both a sales_transaction.created and order.chargeback event. You should use the order.chargeback event to update the status of the order refund in your commerce system.

API interfaces

DocumentationDirect APIPHP SDK

Events: order.charge.refund.complete, order.chargeback

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