Financials basics

Understand how to view your payouts and corresponding details.

Digital River allows you to actively check each of your payouts and drill-down into its corresponding details. You can review not only the amounts you get paid but also the underlying transactions included in the payout by using the following three resources: Payouts, Sales Summaries, and Sales Transactions.

Once an order line has been fulfilled and invoiced, you can use the Sales Transactions resource to review the financial details of the order, including totals in both the shopping currency and in the payout currency designated in your contract with Digital River. You can also examine how impending payout amounts were calculated for a specific transaction, including deductions and adjustments such as tax, shipping, fees, Digital River share, or shipping discount.

Sales transactions are periodically aggregated into a single amount called a Sales Summary that is available to be included in a future payout. When a sales transaction has been grouped into a sales summary, the sales transaction is also updated to include a sales summary ID. You can use the Sales Summaries resource to review these aggregated amounts.

Sales summaries are periodically selected to be included in a payout. When a sales summary has been included in a payout, the sales summary is also updated to include a payout ID. Additional account-level service fees may also be combined with the sales summaries to create the payout. You can use the Payouts resource to review all payouts issued to you. You can also use the Payouts resource to review the components of the payout.

The following diagram illustrates the relationship between each of these resources:

This section describes how to review your payouts programmatically. You can also review your payouts from the Digital River Dashboard. See Finance for more information.

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