Creating a return

Learn how to create a return.

The Create return button only appears when the order status is fulfilled. To create a return:

  1. Click Orders in the left navigation. The Orders page appears.

  2. Filter your orders, if needed.

  3. Click the order ID link under the ID column. The Order details page appears.

  4. Scroll down to Returns.

  5. Click Create return.

  6. Enter the reason for the return (required), select the items to return, and the quantity to return.

  7. Select the Return shipping information check box if you want to include the address to which the shopper will ship the returned items. The shipping address is optional. However, if you select the Return shipping information check box, all the fields are required except for Address line 2.

    Clearing the Return shipping information check box or clicking Clear form will not submit any return shipping information.

  8. Click Review and submit to process the return.

  9. Click Submit. The return will appear in the Returns table on the Order details page.

  10. Click the link under Return ID to view the details of the return.\

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